I haven’t been able to post this before, as my soulmate, my best friend and the one in a lifetime dog has left my life.

17th July 2016 saw the loss of Bronte – she was put to sleep in mine and Wayne’s arms by Alice our vet, and a friend of Bronte.

She was walking and active for and still doing 2 hours walk until 2 weeks before she lost a short fight. She had cancer since the age of 18months and over the years I worried she wouldn’t make old bones but she did, she did it gracefully and never lost her spirit or her love of life…..

in the last two weeks, she just grew old and the time came.

I will never be whole again, but I will always have the love and the privilege of knowing her. Nearly a year on and I still cry at the thought of her…… my happy little Bon Bon x