So…….the story goes on!

Sorry for the delay in blogs, it’s been a bit crazy here for the past few months. The arrival of nine little grey things, have sent the Meinweg household in a spin but at least it was a good spin.

Bronte has taken it all in her stride as she normally does. She got a little stressed by the sounds of the birth and the few days after, I think it was more what’s happening and can I be involved than oh my god what’s happening?

She had a great Christmas with lots of presents and a dog walk with her new doggy friends from the In Line Dog Training charity Christmas dog walk to raise money for a dog charity. Then the period when we had the pups came and passed and she got to meet all the people who came to view the puppies, I truly believe she was vetting them and checking them out to make sure they would be good forever homes and I pleased to say she liked all the people who had a puppy and was happy for them to take one. She then joined the charity dog walk again in May with the rest of the dogs and again was part of raising money for another dog charity.

Well it doesn’t seem much for about six months but lots have happened, she is a pleasure to live with, she is such a good girl when in the house or out and about. She is my take anywhere and show off dog and I am never happier than when she is by my side, everything else is just a bonus.