Busy summer

It’s been a very busy summer for the Meinweg family. Kira has spent her time getting used to her new found eye sight, Moss has entered many working tests and Bronte has had to keep them all in check. I’m not sure when she felt this was her job but she is like the mother hen, she worries when things happen like a yelp from one of them if we tread on a foot, or backs one up if a rogue dog enters our pack. She is so sensitive and worries about everything but she does it in such a way that you somehow feel safe when Bronte is around. She is my pride and joy. I know I shouldn’t have favourites and in a way I haven’t, I have three very different temperament dogs and love them all but Bronte is my special girl and I know there never will be another one like her and for that I value and enjoy every moment with her.

Bronte has attended nearly all the working tests I have entered with Moss not as a competitor but has the support team. She has enjoyed walking around the ground and meeting the other people; she has especially enjoyed the cooked food from Wayne’s camping stove. She’s really really enjoyed the ice cream that he brought them on one of the tests as an ice-cream van drove into the ground!

We have entered her into a few of the game fare events, she enjoyed making people laugh as she breaks land speed records getting to the fallen dummy only to stand there looking at me then it then back to me now yelling fetch it as if to say…..”But it’s not a bird, why would you possible want this manky old thing, and anyway look at the people all laughing at me?!!!!” but she enjoys it so we enter her. We did discover one of the events that she was very very good at……Lurcher racing! I have tried over many years to stop Bronte chasing hares if she ever comes across one in the fields but to no avail, whilst waiting for me and Moss to finish at one of the stands she was sitting with Wayne and Kira when she noticed the very strong elastic band bulling around some tatty old rag which looked just like a hare running very fast! She wanted a go, so we stood in line with the greyhounds, long dogs, lurchers and whippets. We did get some very funny looks and a few sarcky comments, but we paid our money and waited for our go. The tree dogs before where very fit lurchers and obviously well used. They all gave up the chase half way round. The man introduced us to the crowd, and he did have a bit of a giggle when he saw a gundog approaching, but when the man in control of the moving rag couldn’t make it move fast enough and it was only around the last bend that the rag got away I think the crowd, the control man and the man on the mike all took back their words and was very impressed. She was so fast and determined to get that “Hare” that had been running past her for the past 30mins. Needless to say I had to drag her out of the ring and the crowd laughed so loudly that Bronte was in her element, all these people looking at her, she had a spring in her step the rest of the way round and people kept stopping and stroking her asking if she was the dog in the lurcher ring. I was very proud, that’s my girl.

Another part of Bronte’s summer is helping myself and Bev in our new venture www.inlinedogtraining.co.uk Bronte has been used as a distraction dog, helping us in our one to one training on a couple of occasions. Because of her calm and gentle nature, she is able to come along and play whatever role we ask of her. She has been a distraction dog, for help with a recall problem where the other dog is obsessed with playing with dogs rather than its owner. We give the owner training then get them to put into practice what they have learnt, Bronte is used as the distraction and because she is the way she is she never bothers with the other dog just concentrates on her handler at the time, whoever it may be.