Day out, but why bother?

Bronte was part of the demonstration team, we had a stand to promote responsible dog ownership and the council had asked the club to arrange a demonstration of the trained dogs to show what dogs could achieve. All the dogs worked well and had lots of enthusiasm which is more than i could say for the general public who walked around the event. The kids enjoyed it, but i think for most of the people it was just something to do for a few minutes. The public wasn’t interested in responsible dogs ownership and apart from the free things didn’t really pay any attention to most of the stalls around. They watched the dogs demonstration but again only because nothing else was happening at the time.

Will we do it again? Probably as even though i was frustrated Bronte enjoyed meeting the kids and really loved demonstrating what she could do and at the end of the day, i enjoyed being out with my Bronte doing something we both can share together.