John Rogerson weekend (27th & 28th April 2010)

Bronte is a very happy dog. It’s been a long time since I spent quality time out with Bronte. We attended the first part of the John Rogerson weekend which is organised by the dog club. John comes and gets us to try new and different training techniques with our own dogs to hopefully set us up to becoming better dog instructors for the other members of the club. The course this time has been based on the different things dogs do in society and the things we can train them to do. It’s looking at the service dogs and the use of dogs for the disabled but more importantly is giving the dog a job, to make it more useful around the house. It encourages us to get people to spend time with the dogs training them to do little tasks that they find interesting and we can enjoy watching. Bronte can now shut a door on request, fetch slippers and is starting to identify a couple of her toys by name. She can fetch the remote and my mobile (I’m glad I have a protective cover on it). We did lots of things, in fact too many to mention but I’m hoping that I will get some pictures soon and I will post them. We are both looking forward to next weekend as it’s the second part and I’m sure John will have lots of things for us to do or not as the case may be.

We have had a good weekend this Easter too. We took the dogs to Kelmarsh game fair, and entered Bronte into the gundog scurries. She entered the ‘up and over’ which is a set of hay bales all in a row, which the dogs have to jump over to then search through some bushes to find two hidden dummies and retrieve them both back to hand in the quickest time. I’m thinking now that maybe I should have read the rules more carefully to Bronte! She went over the four sets of bale jumps in such a quick time, she then spent a good few minutes enjoying the arrrgghs and wooo’s from the crowd as she just put her front feet on the last set of bale jumps and looked back at me. I asked her to fetch which she then disappeared behind the jump for what seemed like a lifetime. With that she returned empty mouthed but in such a fast run!……bless her……

The next event was the long retrieve, we had to sit off lead and not move until the steward instructed me to send her whilst a dummy launcher was fired. Did I mention that apart from food and tennis balls the dummy launcher is her favourite thing? She sat motionless while the dummy was shot right across the field and on command she went out and fetched it back. She was such a good girl and enjoyed it, so we decided she had redeemed herself from the previous scurry. She doesn’t care if she succeeds or not, as long as she has a good time, if I’m honest I don’t either!