She is always such a good girl!

Bronte has been up to the dog club a couple of times in the past few weeks. She went up last Sunday, as we held a training session for a couple of new helpers, Bronte filled the space of a donor dog. She worked for the new helper with calmness and enthusiasm. Even though she is a trained dog, she still did what the helper wanted even if it wasn’t as she had been trained. I love the fact that I can hand Bronte over to anybody and know that she will be only too happy to help out. She works for them in whatever way they ask of her.

She was also used to work alongside dogs that we assessed to see which class they needed to be placed. She demonstrated the exercises and then waited while they did them. She had never seen these dogs and again, just took it in her stride. She is brilliant when it comes to meeting new dogs as she is so good at reading dogs without being any kind of a threat or causing any confrontation.

She also came with me to the club on Wednesday evening. We do a chat night for the new recruits, so they know what to expect from the club and what we expect from them. She was off lead and welcomed all the new people as they arrived at the club (no dogs on chat night so it was just the handlers except the instructors dogs), by checking out each pocket before moving onto the next new arrival. She lay at my feet whilst the talk was on, then she worked lovely for me as we demonstrated heelwork, retrieves, A recalls and finishes to heel. We demonstrate what the new recruits can achieve if they carry on through the club. To say it is a good few years that I have actually trained Bronte she worked lovely for me. At the end of the class people come over and stroke the dogs and ask us any questions, where Bronte is only too happy to oblige.

They say you have one special dog in a lifetime and Bronte is mine, I’m so lucky to have her as one of my best friends.